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Shop - Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I set a shop appointment with Larry?
First, send an email to Larry@LittleHouseCustoms.com with your approximate dates and your tentative list of mods.

Larry has information he will email to you and will coordinate a firm date for your appointment. He makes every effort to answer all emails within 24 hours. He is typically arranging appointments with over a hundred customers at a time so keeping all correspondence within an individual email string really assists Larry in keeping the appointment calendar accurate.  Do not hesitate to book your appointment months ahead of time. The shop stays full year round and we are seldom able to accommodate short notice visitors. We give personal attention to each customer.

  • Do I need to order my Orbital Machine Works Products to be brought or shipped to Little House Customs for installation?
No, while Orbital Machine Works handles the mail order directly for you do-it-yourself owners, we stock all of their products here in our service department. As their products are frequently in short supply (high demand), be sure and let us know what you need and we will have it here waiting when you arrive.

  • What are your hours?
In spite of the fact that we work seven days a week here at Little House Customs, we can only respond to customer inquiries nine to five, Monday through Friday, Central Time.  In the event of an after-hours emergency, post your issue at CasitaForum.com and one or more of the thousands of members of our Casita community will come to your aid.

  • What can I expect when I visit Little House Customs shop?
We are deep in the woods, more like staying in a state park rather than an RV repair facility. You cannot see the shop from the road, so Larry likes to greet each and every customer at the gate. While you are here, you are likely to meet one or two other Casita owners. We have plenty of  room for everyone to get out a lawn chair, get comfortable and share experiences.

While Larry and Mike are busy addressing your Casita's needs, come with groceries if you like. While we have complete kitchen facilities at your disposal in the shop, grocery stores are 10 miles away.

We do occasionally find time to go to dinner with our friends (customers), but the nearest restaurant is six miles away. If you are traveling some distance and would like to arrive in the shop in the morning (the shop opens at nine am), we highly recommend staying at Governor Jim Hogg Park in Quitman, Texas (full hook-ups, wifi, cable tv and a quaint safe park).

If you've been on the road for awhile and you need to catch up on your laundry, we have facilities available in the shop to you at no charge while you are waiting for Larry and Mike to complete the work on your trailer.

  • How do I find Little House Customs?
After you set your appointment, Larry will email a set of written directions from the four points of the compass along with a map. GPS alone has proven to be an unreliable means to navigate to our shop and you cannot see the shop from the road. It is ESSENTIAL that you print both the map and directions and use them as a backup to your GPS.

Please do not use Google Maps, it is incorrect.

If you follow the calling instructions listed on the directions page, a member of our staff will be waiting at the gate when you arrive to guide you the rest of the way. On rare occasion, we have had customers get lost leaving a member of our staff waiting at the gate for their arrival. It is no coincidence that all of those who are lost were the ones who thought they would not need the map and directions. The directions are way too complicated to give over the phone.

  • Can we stop by for a visit?
We welcome visitors to the shop, however, parking and turnaround space around the building is limited and may require that you have some backup skills. Therefore, calling ahead with as much notice as possible is always a big help.

  • What form of payment do you accept at the shop?
We accept checks and all credit cards except American Express.